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At the southern tip of Croatia the most beautiful city of whole Croatia is located, perhaps the most beautiful city in all of Europe - you will decide when you come. This city is often called the Pearl of the Adriatic. We are talking about the wonderful city of Dubrovnik, added to UNESCO's World Heritage list in 1979. Its beauty is renowned and popularity grows year after year so it is not surprising that Dubrovnik is full of tourists all year round. An increasing number of tourists desire a quieter, cheaper and still attractive location near Dubrovnik to enjoy the beauty while saving money and avoiding the crowds. This is exactly what tourists find in Zupa dubrovacka - the paradise of Dubrovnik Riviera where everything worth visiting is within reach and yet not at the heart of large crowds. The prices are quite affordable and lower than Dubrovnik. Zupa abounds with its own history and beauty, and is even richer with beautiful beaches, ample parking and Dubrovnik is only a few minutes away. Precisely in this paradise is our home - Rooms Boksic. For many years we have rented private accommodation and year after year we offer our guests better quality and more comfortable accommodations. Rooms are comfortable and clean but the greatest delight to our guests are beautiful terraces with natural shade where all guests can socialize and share experiences in a friendly atmosphere while tasting wonderful home made wine. Family Boksic is pleased to be at your disposal during your stay. We invite all the readers of this text to our home where we will have the opportunity to personally wish a warm welcome to you.

Welcome to Zupa dubrovacka

Zupa dubrovacka - magic of beauty, individuality and diversity

Zupa dubrovacka

Zupa dubrovacka, in the south of Dalmatia, is the magic part of Croatia. The area is an ideal place for your vacation and is located just 7 km away from the historic city of Dubrovnik. It is the same distance from another beautiful town called Cavtat, a city that spans two peninsulas. This small paradise includes countless small bays and natural beaches where everyone can find a place regardless of whether one seeks pleasant conversation or solitude. From here the most attractive summer destinations are within reach. Warm autumn, mild winter and early spring make this an ideal destination for a holiday and nice walks throughout the year, and is definitely a great discovery for nature lovers. Next to the Adriatic sea lie tourist places lined by a pleasant promenade surrounded by pines, cypresses and Mediterranean herbs that take your breath away. You will find peace in the gentle idyllic interior villages (Mlini, Srebreno, Kupari, Plat and Soline) that will amaze with traditions, history and harmony of the old mixed with the new.

We present to you our tourist destinations:


Kupari - a settlement that was named after the "KUPARICA" factory that produced tiles. It is the oldest tourist resort in the Zupa dubrovacka. Today it is a tourist destination with many small beaches and spacious camping sites.


Srebreno - ancient "Subbrenum" - was once a farmer's and fishermen's village chosen by rich Dubrovnik aristocrats for its countryside. Today it is a favorite seaside resort with sandy beaches.


Mlini - historic "Molina" - is rich with water resources on which mills for olives and wheat once stood and by which later the place was named.

Soline i Plat

Soline and Plat are known for its crystal blue sea and ancient churches. There used to be crossroads of trade routes of Romans, French and others, today it is a colorful place.

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